Inglorious Bouncers

By Angélica María Vielma

Almost every weekend, rain or shine, Princeton students slowly but surely make their way to Prospect Avenue.  Though each club has its own unique reputation and stereotype, every student has come in contact with the constant presence of club security guards.  Most students call them bouncers, some call them friends.  Out of the eleven clubs on the Street, 1080Princeton visited the security guards of the self-proclaimed Glorious Tiger Inn to speak to them about Princeton students, State Night, and cigars.

“Hey man, have a good night.”
“Have a good night.”

Angélica María Vielma - Inglorious Bouncers
Every bouncer has a khaki-colored windbreaker that reads SECURITY across the back of their shoulders in tall, green letters.  The jackets are also embroidered with each bouncer’s name on the right side of their chest and a decorative embellishment that reads Tiger Inn Security over their hearts.

When we arrive, three bouncers at the front door are busy checking passes and proxes and saying goodbye to raucous students. 

Angélica María Vielma - Inglorious Bouncers

1080P: What is it like to be a bouncer at T.I?
Brian: It’s good.
1080P: Just good? What do you think of the students?
Wayne: You wanna know what he thinks of the students? Ask him how much he gets paid tonight!

They all chuckle and Wayne bursts out laughing at his own joke.  A woman exits the club and promptly trips down the stairs.  The bouncers pause. “Whoa, whoa, whoa,” one says.  They gather around to help her up.  
She smiles, “I’m okay, I got it! It’s just the shoes.” She’s wearing tall heels.  She waves goodbye and walks away, accompanied by two friends.

1080P: So do you like it?
Brian: Eh, It could be worse.

Angélica María Vielma - Inglorious Bouncers
Sean and Brian

1080P: What’s the worst night y’all have had?
Brain: (thinks for a minute) State night.

Angélica María Vielma - Inglorious Bouncers

They lament the stickiness of the students leaving TI’s most famous theme night.  Brian pulls out a blue plastic packet and removes a cigar. He lights up.

Angélica María Vielma - Inglorious Bouncers
Sean strikes a pose in his hoodie, cigar hanging from his mouth, which reads “I DON’T ALWAYS SMOKE CIGARS…Oh Wait, YES I DO”

1080P: How many cigars do y’all smoke a night?
Wayne: (playfully) Thirty-five.
1080P: What?
Brian: (pft) More like three.
Wayne: Not me, I smoke five. Five a night.
1080P: What kind of cigars do you smoke? Cubans?
Wayne: No, I smoke Padrón cigars.  I don’t smoke Cubans.  People only think Cubans are good because you can’t get them.
1080P: Do you guys ever smoke cigarettes?
Brian: Nuh-uh. I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life.
1080P: Why not?
Brian: I never wanted to.

Angélica María Vielma - Inglorious Bouncers

Angélica María Vielma - Inglorious Bouncers
Front to back: Sean, Brian, and Wayne

1080P: Who’s been the most memorable student?
Brian: As far as…?
1080P: As far as a night out.
Brian: There are some bad ones.  There are some funny ones too.
1080P: What are the funny ones like?
Brian: You know they make fun of themselves.  Try and crack jokes about how drunk they are.
1080P: How does that go?
Brian: Not so good (laughs) For the most part, we have a good time.

Angélica María Vielma - Inglorious Bouncers
Wayne cutting a student’s cigar

A pack of boys emerges from the club.  As they’re leaving, one asks the rest to wait.  He goes up to Wayne and mimes slicing off a cigar end, asking him for a cigar cutter.

Wayne: Man, you don’t have a cigar cutter?
Student: Nah, man, I left it at home.
Wayne cuts the cigar’s end for him.
Student: Do you have a light?
Wayne: You don’t even have a lighter?  Do you even smoke cigars?
Wayne bursts out laughing at the student and pulls out his black lighter.  The student smiles sheepishly.
Student: Thank you. I’ll see you guys next week.

He waves and stumbles off.