Breaking Bicker: St. Archibald’s League

By Peter HyungJun Yoon

On the evening of Tuesday, February 7, 2017, Campus Club became an unusual hotspot for students heading down Prospect Avenue. A group of students protesting bicker, a huge white poster insisting “Bicker St. Archibald’s League!” and a bouncer all were novel additions to the usually empty club at night.

Club Revolución and St. Archibald’s League are student groups formed as a response to the traditional and selective admissions process— known as “bicker” — that certain eating clubs undergo every February. The students hope to end the bicker process, arguing that it is an “elitist and separationist practice.”

1080princeton caught up with the performance piece led by Club Revolución, a new anti-bicker student group, to see what it was all about.

Students ‘protest’ the bicker process of St. Archibald’s League outside 5 Prospect Avenue (Campus Club).

Kyle Berlin ’18, one of the student leaders of Club Revolución, in character as a St. Archibald’s bouncer.

Student’s follow William Keiser ’19, one of the leaders of the St. Archibald’s League, into St. Archibald’s League (Campus Club).

Interviews are conducted inside St. Archibald’s, modeled after the interview bicker process held at Ivy Club.

Leaders of St. Archibald’s deliberate which members would be accepted.

Keiser informs the bickerees that they have been rejected from St. Archibald’s League.

The newly admitted members happily move on to the next part of the bicker performance piece with their interviewers.

Keiser hands out pass books to the newly admitted members of the club.

Students sing chants parodying those popularized by the Tiger Inn.

Learn more about the student movement at their respective websites:

Club Revolucion

St. Archibald’s League

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