1080politics: Arts Without Borders

Produced by Paige Amormino, Cindy Liu, Jack Lohmann, and Angélica María Vielma

On February 24th, Princeton University performing arts groups came together to present Arts without Borders: a benefit concert coordinated by Princeton Advocates for Justice in conjunction with DREAM Team to benefit the Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund.

1080politics: Immigration Day of Action

Produced by Marah Sakkal, James Sung and Angélica María Vielma

1080politics: On February 17, 2017, almost 300 students gathered on the Immigration Day of Action. Princeton Advocates for Justice wrote letters and postcards to members of Congress and Senators to speak out against Donald Trump’s travel ban. 1080p covered the action.

Breaking Bicker: St. Archibald’s League

By Peter HyungJun Yoon

On the evening of Tuesday, February 7, 2017, Campus Club became an unusual hotspot for students heading down Prospect Avenue. A group of students protesting bicker, a huge white poster insisting “Bicker St. Archibald’s League!” and a bouncer all were novel additions to the usually empty club at night.

Club Revolución and St. Archibald’s League are student groups formed as a response to the traditional and selective admissions process— known as “bicker” — that certain eating clubs undergo every February. The students hope to end the bicker process, arguing that it is an “elitist and separationist practice.”
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The Menstruation Celebration

By Kate O’Brien


Princeton Students for Reproductive Justice and Princeton Students for Gender Equality co-hosted a Menstruation Celebration on Friday, November 18th.  The event aimed to teach people of all genders and sexes about menstruation and break the stigma around it by having fun games, lots of food, period trivia, music, and discussion.  1080princeton enjoyed the fun and captured some of the highlights. 

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