Inglorious Bouncers

By Angélica María Vielma

Almost every weekend, rain or shine, Princeton students slowly but surely make their way to Prospect Avenue.  Though each club has its own unique reputation and stereotype, every student has come in contact with the constant presence of club security guards.  Most students call them bouncers, some call them friends.  Out of the eleven clubs on the Street, 1080Princeton visited the security guards of the self-proclaimed Glorious Tiger Inn to speak to them about Princeton students, State Night, and cigars.

“Hey man, have a good night.”
“Have a good night.”

Angélica María Vielma - Inglorious Bouncers
Every bouncer has a khaki-colored windbreaker that reads SECURITY across the back of their shoulders in tall, green letters.  The jackets are also embroidered with each bouncer’s name on the right side of their chest and a decorative embellishment that reads Tiger Inn Security over their hearts.

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