The Real Food Co-Op

Produced by Chiara Ficarelli and Paige Amormino

Started five years ago, Real Food Co-Op is located in the basement of Edwards Hall in Mathey College. Currently composed of 25 members, RFC serves dinner every night of the week. Members part of the Co-Op are listed as independent since RFC does not provide all three meals. The Co-Op dues are $170 per semester.

Drag Ball 2016: Skirts, Leather Jackets, and Eyeliner

By Peter HyungJun Yoon

Terrace Club hosted its yearly Drag Ball last Friday night. Contestants strut and swagger down the runway to songs of their choice, with three judges doling out scores between 1 and 10. 1080princeton has continued its annual tradition of spotlighting the gender-bending ball’s contestant: the skirts, leather jackets, eyeliner, and beyond.

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Uncovering Ink: Tattoos of Princeton

By Allegra Dobson

Princeton is often considered a very preppy place.  But it’s also diverse on many different levels, including how students express themselves.  Tattoos are one form of expression that have become ever more common in the past decade, shifting from being considered counter-culture to normal.  This photo essay shows a selection of different tattoos from a wide variety of people on campus, from undergraduates to professors– revealing what may normally be covered. 

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